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"Dear I am not quite sure who,

To wear a mask, or not to wear a mask? That is the question.

As the days tick by, I am yet to experience an exchange on Tinder that survives the 5 message mark. My eyes have begun to ache, from all the hours spent online. I am desperate to have my fringe cut.

I am too frightened to cut it myself. To remedy t my dissatisfaction, I have employed many exotic ways of styling it. Unfortunately, I am never satisfied with its appearance for long. Even when I clip it back I am unhappy. I worry I look bug-ish. 

It feels too easy now, to forget the struggle of the Earth. To think of how lucky I am - makes me feel ill. I don't know what I can do to make up for it.

Old memories I used to remember with enthusiastic sorrow, presently feel dull and half-forgotten. The songs that had inspired their memorial, no longer make me cry. I am beginning to remember new things, I hadn't realised I could still recall. 

I don't know if I am closer or further away from myself. I don't know if it matters. I have never felt alone in my own company, but I didn't ever expect d to have so much of it. I miss the little adventures that come with normal life. I can only do so much adventuring from my bed.

I have no conclusion and I wish it were Christmas.

Lots of love and tight hugs,

Carla xxx