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"To whomever it may concern,

Isolation is treating me well; my little retail job is still paying me despite the closing of all its branches, I have enough baked beans to last me until my tenancy ends and I have enough books to create a small library. 
However, I am someone unfortunately plagued by an eating disorder that I have been battling with since I started university and the only way I knew how to keep it at bay was walking everywhere in order to burn calories and creating plans to distract myself.
Neither have been possible to uphold during this period of uncertainty.

I am coping well for now but aside from worrying about my weight, I very much miss the boy I have a silly crush on who I sometimes work with. I just finished reading a book he recommended to me which was 'The Sun Also Rises' by Ernest Heminway which I enjoyed a great deal. I refresh his Instagram page more than I would like to admit, trying to find the courage to start a conversation but I never do.
Perhaps when this is all over and I see him in real life again I'll tell him.

I have discovered I like green tea with a teaspoon of honey and that I make very good banana bread. When things finally return to 'normal', I think (hope) that things are much better than they were before. I focus on how warm the sun feels on my face instead of how many calories I've burned, which is new."