Published by Open Love Letters


"To the outside,

My dearest! I know you're still there, even when I do see you on occasion now, you seem different. I think it was Beckett who said in one of his plays I only half understand but still love - 'the earth is extinguished, though I never saw it lit.' That's how this feels, the whole world, all of the outside has just gone out. It happened kind of gradually but also all at once. Like a kid blowing out candles on a birthday cake. They never have enough breath to do it all in one go but you know the flamed will all be blown out eventually. 

I wish I'd cherished you more, outside. I'm sorry all of your lights have gone out. Truthfully, I didn't ever fully appreciate your shine - yous sounds, your smells, your vibrancy, when were all lit up.

I hope your candles are re-lit soon.

Promise I'll sing you a happy birthday when they are.

Jodie x"