Published by Open Love Letters


"To myself, before it all

I need to tell you that you are beautiful. Inside, where it counts, and outside too. So stop straightening your hair, staining your skin and trying to be like those other girls. There is no one in this world like you - you are entirely unique. please, try to love yourself. You are brace and you are funny. Your opinions matter and your voice is important. There will be peopler in this world who will try and lower it. Do not let them. There will also be people who will not respect your body, who are reckless with your hart and who will hurt you. This is an inevitability I wish I could protect you from. I am sorry that I can't. I can tell you, however, that you are powerful regardless. Remember, not to be reckless with other people's hearts, and above all things, respect your own body. Nourish it with good food and kind thoughts. It is your wonderland and can give you more pleasure than you know. Please, remember to love yourself. Some people will come into you life, break your heart, and then leave. Let them go. Do not let a broken heart stop you from falling in love. There will be days where you lose yourself entirely. They will feel grey and you will not smile for a very long time. I promise you it gets easier. You get through it. Do not abuse your body for your mind's illness. Try and be a little kinder to those closest to you when this happens. And please ,please just love yourself. I can't explain exactly why now, but recycling will become very important- try and do this now uf yiu can. Governments will disappoint you, there's always someone wanting your money and your time and you will work a few jobs you hate. But in the end you will be happy. You will share beers with good friends who never leave you. You will feel the wind in your face as you stand on a mountain top, alone and free. You will fall in love, with places and people all over the wold. You will amaze yourself with what you achieve. This world is beautiful and you have a very important place within it. And it is all worth it, because you will learn to love yourself at last.

Love, O. xoxo"