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 "To myself and everybody else, 

We're doing good, it all seems a bit overwhelming and I am often plagued by the uncertainty that comes with love and longing for people, places and a time, once present, with each day that comes and goes. But hey, you are doing alright. You are at home and that in itself is a luxury that some people cannot afford. In times like these, it really does show. 
I try to go for a walk once a day, the streets are quiet. Looking out of my window at night I cannot help but wonder if it is just us who feel the silence, the change. With the absence of cards and planes, bird song has an all but quiet presence. It is a curios thing isn't is, keep reading, even if your mind starts to wander.
To tell you the truth, I am finding myself easily distracted; it is hard to focus when everything seems to be moving so fast. As much as I would like to tell you that I know all of the answers for this, I din't. But what I do want to say is, I suppose, please, just take care of yourself, look out for your friends, your family and just, well, each other.
I have been sitting here thinking about all of the things I should have, could have done before this, but in that nostalgia lies the lesson that I hope you and everyone else will learn from and reflect upon, even on some idle afternoon in years to come. To appreciate everything we do have just that little bit more. I am hopeful that despite the pain, this will bring us together, somehow. It has to. In the meantime, lets take it step by step, day by day, book by book.

Molly Rose"