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"To my future, nostalgic self:

In “A Woman Speaks”, Anaïs Nin borrows a term from Carl Jung, explaining that a person can go through a process of self-creation and reconstruction of the self, which Jung called “a second birth”.
With the help of meditation, and through what Anaïs would call “selfish introspection”, I have come to realize that there is a voice inside my head that does not like “me”. I have identified myself with that voice ever since I was a child, unknowingly. It used to dictate how I felt and how I carried myself out in the world.

How liberating it is to be able to discern between the mean-girl archetype that lives inside my head and the wisdom of my true Self, my intuition. The true Self speaks from a place of pure love and non-judgement. Like a breath of tenderness and warmth, the gentle wisdom it offers quiets my incessant inner monologue. I feel illuminated with love and a new sense of clarity.
Apart from meditating, I have spent my days immersed in the works of André Breton, Colette and Alejandro Jodorowsky. I also find joy in dancing to Brazilian music, writing poems, making raspberry jam, an in eating tropical fruits with my hands, in my underwear.

I hope you still feel connected to your true self.

Elena Eichenberg"