"To my friends,

I miss you guys. I miss you taking pictures on my phone. At the time those pictures were a source of amused annoyance ( is that even a thing ?) and the reason why at some point I will have to fork out 79p a month for iCloud storage (capitalism’s small victories). Now they’re memories of a happier time; a more stressful carefree time. I regret that I didn’t let you take more. I miss agonising over your writing with you and you coaxing me to write something, anything. I can’t seem to write anything now. I miss us talking high fashion and Instagram aesthetics. I miss you defending Jane Austen as good literature. I miss constantly poring through every fast fashion site out there. Once all this is over I will do everything to make sure we finally go to that thrift store. I miss dragging you to Sainsbury’s every other break time to spend money that really should have stayed in my wallet. I even miss the anxious meltdowns. They are so much harder to deal with on your own. I miss you going out of your way to make me roll my eyes every morning. I would give anything to hear you scream ‘CAMBRIDGE GYAL’ right now. When this is over I am going to give you the biggest hug.

Thank you,