Published by Open Love Letters


"To my dear friends, It's been a few months since we last saw each other. I guess we already practiced our own social distancing. Living scattered across the country means we don't regularly see each other anyway. But the state of things has meant I can no longer jump on a train to come and see you. And it's hard. Really hard. I miss talking about the strangest things. I miss laughing at all the stupid things we did when we were young & reckless. I miss singing to trash pop songs and dancing until we're out of breath on a Saturday night. I miss being able to talk through the insane thoughts that take hold when your heart is breaking. And the wonderful squeeze of a hug that comes after it. But, as we keep hearing, we're living in unprecedented times. So for now, we can make do with group texts, virtual quizzes, and old photos. That is until I can once again jump on a train and fall back into old habits with you.

They say friendship is the joy in life and that your friends are your true soulmates - I happen to believe this to be the truest thing.

All my love,