Published by Open Love Letters


"To my body during lockdown,

I thought we were past this. I thought the days of seeing you as my enemy had passed, I thought we were okay now, good even. But it's more complicated than that, our relationship is so complex and I don't think either of us fully understand each other and even as I write you this love letter I can hear you screaming out at me for food. Ironic.

When there was routine, I could ignore our feud. I fed you out of gratitude but now, everything is still, all distractions gone and I have to face the fact that I don't know what you want or how to take care of you. We've never felt more separate, so I do the home workouts that litter my timeline, I give you vegetables and I hope for the best. I hope it is enough, I hope you'll be enough for me (I'm sorry my standards are so impossible.)

Logically, I know the goal I'm pushing for is unreachable but like all love stories, this defies logic. And we are a love story because only love could let you serve me so relentlessly in spite of all I put you through. I'm sorry. I'm trying to love you back, we will be better soon. Thank you.