Published by Open Love Letters


To memories of times since passed,

You are louder now than ever. In this quiet moment of pause, you flood my brain, weaving a tapestry of images. Old friends, lovers, strangers. Days when I laughed. Days when I cried. And days when I didn't do much at all. The good memories, and the not so good, reminding me of what it used to mean to be human. Before all this.

When going into the odic meant an hour long commute, surrounded by a sea of faces just as tired and miserable as mine. When conversations with friends were done across a table, which we all squeezed around so we could fit. When so many strangers passed in and out of my life without a second glance. When intimacy and connection were things I was afraid off, rather than things I now miss. So much.

One day, hopefully soon, this period will be but a memory. And when it is, I hope I remember who and what I missed the most, so I can run towards them. I hope I remember who understood, and who didn't. And I hope I remember how I held myself when there was no-one there to hold me. I hope I remember how strong we all were.

Memories of time since passed, I hope you stay loud. You remind me that there wa a time before all this, and that time time will come again.