- For written submissions, you may send a pitch outlining your ideas or a first draft. If accepted, we will help you structure and edit your piece if needed. An editor, Kya or Izzie, will work with you right up until the piece is complete and scheduled for publication on Aurelia.

- In the body of your e-mail, please include your name and location, along with a short biography and any social media links for your potential Author profile. You may also include examples of previous work if you have any; this is welcomed, though not essential.

- Aurelia's categories are: Personal Stories, OpinionIdentity, Sex & LoveLiterature, Culture, Poetry & Prose, and Gallery. Please familiarise yourself with them to get a feel of what they each entail.

- For the subject line of your submission, please name the category that you believe your piece belongs to, along with the theme(s) of your piece. For example: 'Personal Essay: First Love'

- The maximum word-count for finished pieces is 2,000 words.

- Due to the volume of submissions we receive, it may take us a little while to get back to you. If your piece is the right fit for Aurelia, you will hear back within 10 days. If it's not, we will offer you some advice and feedback. We would love to hear each and every idea you have, so keep submitting!

- Aurelia welcomes articles that have been written specifically for this platform. We do not publish articles that appear elsewhere on the Internet except personal blogs.


- For creative writing submissions (i.e. short stories and poetry), and gallery submissions (artwork and photography), please include your name, location, social media links and a short but informative biography when submitting your work. 

- For the subject line of your submission, please begin by specifying whether or not it is for the gallery, along with your personal medium, for example: 'Gallery: Illustration'

- When submitting creative writing, please specify the genre and the title if you have one. For example: 'Short Story: Title'. (If it's a collection of poetry, simply write the number of poems you have included.)

- There is no word count for creative writing submissions, though if it is particularly long, we may choose to publish it in chapters/sections rather than all at once. We accept 1-5 poems per submission.

- We accept 3-10 pieces of artwork and photography.


- If you are a writer that would like to conduct an interview with somebody for Aurelia, please provide us with a short bio of both yourself and your interviewee, and attach 3-5 relevant images for the article in the body of your email. The subject of your email should include 'Interview' and the name/job title/business you plan to feature. For example: 'Interview: (Insert Name), Founder of XYZ'

- Aurelia welcomes interviews conducted by and featuring women and non-binary people.

- If you are somebody that would like to be interviewed by a writer at Aurelia, please get in touch by emailing us. Please specify this in the subject line of your email, followed by your name/job title/business etc. For example: 'Potential Interview: (Insert Name), Visual Artist'

Submissions are always welcome.

For any help, or to contribute, get in touch by emailing the editor at

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