Published by Open Love Letters


"My dearest Glasgow, 

I miss you. I wish I could be held by you during this difficult time. I dream about your sounds; cars, birds, and Scottish speech, and your colours, brown beige and grey. I miss walking around inside you. I miss the way you make me feel. Happy, independent and like I am going somewhere. I long for your safe spaces, and most of all my own uncharging student bedroom. I think of it now, my room, I even dreamt of it last night, still full of my things, no longer touched but gathering dust all waiting for my return. I miss its ugly blue walls (don't get me wrong love, blue is my favourite colour, but this shade is hideous!) which I have done my best at covering up with photographs. I miss talking to my flatmates about you, in the kitchen at night, comparing our different versions of you, oh my darling Glasgow! This time last year you were but a dream. People who had met you would tell me everything and I would glue their words on top of the images I had googled of you. I miss every single day I have spent in you. All the firsts and the lasts. The first few days of exploring you, finding people along the way my first times cooking with those people, drinking with them, dancing with them. The last few times I hugged my friends, the last few nights sleeping in my bed. The morning before my flight when I photographed the daffodils in the park and cried with flatmates when my Uber arrived.

I cannot wait to see you again my dearest, and I hope it won't be too long.