Published by Open Love Letters


"I miss being distracted all I have is time and more time to think about things which make me happy for a second then lead to things which make me feel inadequate like the last time I saw you out and I almost had a panic attack because I forgot how shite you make me feel or how I've fallen out of love with art all these things make me cry today but they won't tomorrow (hopefully) I just miss my time with you I want time with distracts me and stares at me like I'm everything I could be I miss you today I just want to be annoyed at you in person and distract myself by playing with your curls I want to hear you go off in a tangent about The Third Policeman whilst I eat crisps in a pub I want to be so consumed by you that all those other things don't dangle in front of me anymore I want my time back with you, soon.

Love Mads"