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I’m mad I’m not in touch with you anymore. I miss you. The rush and euphoria I use to get when you were around. As we waltzed across the lines of my notebooks, I felt in chimed with you. Our rhythm. Our flow. Our style. We completed on another. Our connection felt indestructible. 

Everlasting as it seemed, my mind got busy. I lost the counts of my steps to wandering thoughts. And as those unclosed tabs occupied the space between us, I lost direction, slowed my pace and drifted away from you. Fortunately, I am gradually learning to discipline myself, to regulate and to listen in hopes to find you again.

And as I curate this choreography. I will take the lead for I now understand that this was what you always needed: the care that I had never reciprocated.

Till the day we meet again,
creativity <3

Yours truly,