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"Hello Angel, 

I would say "I hope this finds you well", but it feels weird writing that in these times. Today is a beautiful day and I can't stop thinking about Richard Wright's haiku.

'A spring sky so clear
That you feel you are seeing
Into tomorrow'

It makes me feel hopeful and calm. I can hear blackbirds singing outside, and I can see fat grey pigeons perched on high tree branches.

Last night was hard. I suddenly felt overwhelmed with fear, angst and loneliness. Mostly loneliness. I'm not part of any group chat unless it's to do with uni or work, so seeing everyone post screenshots of their virtual group hangs makes me feel sad and even more isolated. I'm so thankful to the friend I have who does video call me often, but I still went to bed heavy with sorrow. I'm sure by the time you get this I'll have cycled through even more intense emotions.

The minimum activity I like to do each day has been to have at least 3 meals a day, to burn some incense or candles at least once a day, to go for a short walk accompanied by a podcast, and to stare at my plant that is budding and ready to sprout again.

I hope you have a warm, soft day. I'm thinking of the day when our cheeks can touch again, and I can once again smell your hair.