What is Aurelia?

To put it simply, Aurelia is a magazine that publishes women and non-binary people. Aurelia cares about your thoughts and feelings. We encourage you to be in touch with your emotions, and to create. Every piece we publish is written in the first-person, spotlighting the individual experience. Your pieces are always handled with the sensitivity and care they deserve. You can read more about Aurelia's origins in this interview with the founding editor, Kya, and Yolklore Magazine here.

Do you work with freelancers?

Absolutely! Whilst we do have a team of staff, we primarily work with and commission freelancers based off the pitches we receive.

How do I submit?

Information about submitting to Aurelia can be found here. If successful, you'll hear back about the editorial process within two weeks, and we do aim to get back to everyone with feedback.

Where and when did Aurelia start?

Aurelia was created in Manchester, England, in 2018. Since then, we have published so many articles, given countless writers their first by-line, helped writers get published elsewhere, hosted events and started a bookclub-esque podcast. There's much more to come! 

Are you available to buy in print?

Not quite yet, but we aim to be in the future! We're also going to be selling merch soon. Keep an eye on our Instagram for updates.

Can you pay contributors?

Unfortunately, Aurelia is unable to offer payment at this time and is running solely on the work of volunteers. This is something we desperately want to change. If you'd like to support Aurelia in the meantime, you can donate to our PayPal.

Do you offer internships?

We are able to offer internships in article writing, article editing, and social media management. Please email kya@aureliamagazine.com for more information.

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