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"Dearest reader,

These past two weeks have been a maelstrom of emotions; most of them happy. I'm missing home, my family and my dog, and the freedom to go out for a coffee, both alone and with friends.But I am utilising this time to rest, to read and to write, allowing myself to feel every emotion and address my stresses. I am finding the sudden, mass absence of consumerism on behalf of myself and the world around me extremely soothing. I like to think that when this is all over, we will collectively be more conscious of the impact we were having upon the earth. 

When the social distancing policies were officially announced, my boyfriend was worried about me being isolated with three women I barely know, in a flat with no living room. He did not want to be without me either. This made me feel loved. So I have moved into his flat and we are organising our room as I write this. I was worried it would be too much for him, but it has been so lovely. I have spent the last weeks feeling so content, and have found myself waking up every morning feeling so at ease in the midst of this madness; feeling so loved and so in love, I'm finding extra amounts of joy in cooking us scrambled eggs, or seeing him running me a bubble bath. Happiness really is found in the little things; in the questions about the book Im reading (Supper Club, Lara Williams) and him bandaging my toe so gently (I may have dropped a kitchen knife on it).

I've taken up morning yoga and am so lucky that we have a large balcony for me to practice on. Today it is very overcast, clouds morphing around our windows in a discordant, grey mixture. The sky, up until today, has been azure blue and the sun has been beaming. I feel safe and at peace.

Ella x"