"Dear you, I hope this finds you well,

I would like to start by saying

“I’m sorry”
Over the last 16 years, this period of time has been the most I have gotten to know you for who you truly are.
I often label myself as a kind person- one who is able to love unconditionally at a moment’s notice, but how can that be true if I have tormented you for years?

I have cried about what others have said to me in the past, but only now do I realise how strong you are. You have never retaliated, and you always endured the hurtful words I have thrown at you.

It doesn’t matter what clothes you wear or what your tummy looks like in a recent photo. You have always been there for me through thick and thin- even when I define your worth through your “beauty” or “academic success”

Last night, I was thinking about the time when I found out that you had an eyesight condition at the age of eight. It was so scary to read my favourite books and come to the horrifying realisation that the words on the page had melted into blurred lines- but you pulled through and now I am thankful for everything I can see- even if it’s a speck of dust floating onto my phone screen.

Thank you for bringing me health when I bring you pain. Thank you for giving me love when I give you hate. I’ve had fun truly getting to know you for the past few months and I would give you my heart if I could- but you already have it.

Vaishnavi Rajesh, I vow to love you forever and always."