Published by Open Love Letters


"Dear Sea,

It's been a long time since we have been together, but I haven't stopped thinking about you - the way you move, so fluidly, enveloping me in our intimate moments' the way you sound, rushing and laying into my ears, so calming I have tried to source it online. It's never quite the same though.

I miss you on your cloudy, grey days when you are a crashing expanse so dull in colour but so vibrant in life, in motion. I miss you on your brilliant, blue days, so placidly stroking the shore it's as though you are a lake, not the sea. I miss you on all the days in between.

I long to have you caress my feet with your cool touch, and I long to be submerged by you. First tentatively consuming my legs, creeping above my stomach before I plunge into your salty darkness. The salt of yours leaves crusty kisses on my shin after I have dried, and left you. I long for that too.

I cannot wait for you to be around me again.

Yours, Xxx"