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Dear Progress,

I miss you terribly. It seems as if we only had a fleeting amount of time together before we were ripped apart by circumstances out of our control. I am, yet again, firmly back in a space that is by now so familiar to me I barely have to re-adjust. This time is different though. It was only a few weeks ago that I tasted the freedom and serenity that came with feeling content. I haven't had that in over a year, and being able to plan for the future and feel good about the place I was in was so, so welcome. But that was before. I revelled every day with you but the friendly demon is back. I don't even think he knocked this time. He just came in, sat down, and took your place. Know that I am fighting for you and know that once this is over we will be stronger and more grateful than ever. I want to be back in your arms so much, but for now I must fight my way out of his grasp. I promise I will fight every day and will leave my door open for your return. I am looking forward to that day.

All my love

Ailsa x"