Published by Open Love Letters


"Dear Philadelphia,

With the world currently rife with uncertainty, the only thing that has become clear is my unconditional admiration for you. And a surprising fondness for cheap white wine. I'd like to also mention that the former was not realised by consuming the latter! 

While almost everything in the popular media has become predominantly negative, you have been a shining light of positivity when others have been clouded by the pandemic.

Our story does not start here though, in fact me and you have known each other for some time now. Although our time now is different than before, I have grown to understand that with time and distance, a strong connection can form. A genuine one. In which we wish each other all the best, but secretly hope that we can find happiness with each other again. I think we can all agree that with self isolation comes many hours to think and reflect. One lesson that I think we are all beginning to learn is the real importance of family, friends and loved ones. To show them love, and receive it.

I've tried many things to help get through this period of isolation. As a naturally active and outdoors-y person, I have found it difficult to adjust to this new way of living (as I'm sure many of us have). However, being able to reconnect with you has proved to be so critical in my life, that I can easily say that as I'm writing this, it's the happiest I've been all year. For me to hear that you are doing well outs an unbearably cheesy smile on my face.

I'm sure that with more time, my admiration will continue to blossom. I hope I can visit you again one day, just so you can see it with your own eyes.

With love, always

Tom x"