Published by Open Love Letters


"Dear Love,

You have been so kind to me. You have treated me gentle and carefully, but with an unmistakeable force that has seared through my chest to warm my heart. I didn't think something so powerful could ever lose strength until it did.

You seemed to slip away through the expanding cracks that I create myself. I think that it took me too long to notice, and then it was too late. Now I sleep alone, waking at night to a sight of silence where he used to sleep beside me. You became something that only existed in my memories, but the warmth of you grew faster with each desperate attempt to grasp you.

But now I suddenly see you again. Not in the form of a man's infatuated eyes, but in places that seemed ordinary before. A sunlit walk through the woods, a cloudless twilight revealing a glimpse of a million stars, a friend's uncontrollable laughter. Now is the time to be still and watch you reveal all of your mysteries and miracles. I am alone, but still I feel you more and more.

I am ready to open my eyes again.