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"Dear London, 

I hope you're doing well, considering the circumstances. I know we haven't spoken in a bit and it feels very "timely" of me to reach out during the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Maybe it was the fear of getting hurt, the remembering that hurt too much, or simply me attempting to move on. Either way, I've finally gathered up the courage to check in. I know so many of us are struggling right now and I really hope you're doing alright. You'll be happy (and surprised) to know that at this point I am dealing with all of the chaos pretty well. I say surprised because we all know at this time last year I was still very much involved with you, and I seem to have a trend of March/April not really being my best times. I have grown stronger and braver since I've seen you, which has helped me work through things. I do miss what we had, and it sometimes hurts to think about what could have been. But I really do wish you the best. Sometimes things don't work out, not for lack of trying or wanting, but simply because of timing. I know I probably didn't say this enough when I was with you, but thank you for giving me so many of my favourite people, places and memories. I know this tumultuous time will end and when it does, I hope both you and I will be better for it. You always seem to come out the other side bigger and brighter, and I hope this time I will too.

Sending all my love,

xx Alex"