Published by Open Love Letters


"Dear current Tinder boy,

What a time it is to be on dating apps, hey! The first thing I notices about your profile was the fact that your photos has mostly been shot on film. That gave ma a strong indication that you might be my 'type'.

I carried on through your profile and saw that we had the same phrase/requirement - that gave you an extra few points! Your bio was a tiny bit weaker, but by the final line I knew I'd swipe.

Music is a big thing for me, as it clearly is for you as well. Looking through your artists almost scared me 'cause of how alike we appeared to be. You had some of my absolute favourites and only one band I didn't listen to.

At this point, we've been speaking for over a week and although you're still asking questions, I think you may have lost interest. It's completely fair as there's no chance of us meeting for at least a month during this pandemic; you're also in another city - Tinder passport, a blessing & a curse. On top of that, you definitely seem a bit too cool for me (not at all in an arrogant way, but my insecurity makes me fear I'm not interesting enough).

Nonetheless, speaking to you during this whirlwind has been nice. If we never get to meet, I'll be comforted knowing that people like you exist. If I'm in your city, I'd love to meet for a pint or go to a gig, but I'm not sure how you'd take that offer by then. Anyway, thanks for letting me share a bit of myself and, in return, sharing some of yourself. I like you a fair bit so far - not in a deep way - but I just think you're lovely."