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"Dear anyone, everyone or anything,

Oh wow, what a crazy time we are currently living in. A totally unexpected, uncontrollable and difficult time!

From being busy 24/7 to doing nothing has been so hard. I am feeling things I have not felt before and reliving sad feelings I have not felt in a very long time. I have learnt that I use busyness to distract myself from my feelings and when the world suddenly comes to a halt -- what do we do now?

I have tried to control this current situation by giving myself 'a new routine' as mine has disappeared. Everything I have recently done to make myself 'happy' has gone. It goes without saying I soon lost motivation for my new routine so instead I just give myself the task of doing one thing and instead of my diary being full of appointments, meetings and work, I now have ONE thing I did that day (or TWO or THREE) that I enjoyed/achieved in a pink pen, this one to be precise.  Hopefully when this year ends I will look over my diary and remember isolation as a time I rested and took a much needed break.

AND cooked homemade meals, played the Sims, spent time with my family, baked cakes/biscuits, cuddled my dog, started running, did online workshops and workouts, watched the zoo live, socialised with my friends online and listened to the calmness. 

Oh yes, the thing I should be doing right now is my uni work. BUT I have lost motivation, but I do try. Whilst in isolation I have learnt I get my inspiration from my surroundings and the energy of interaction or a busy place  like my favourite coffee shops; or a calming art gallery cafe. I constantly interact with design or creativeness and being creative I long for its return.

Back to normality... when it happens I think I will appreciate things so much more even the most mundane parts of my day like the train ride into Manchester or the beautiful fresh coffee with a beautiful design on the top. When that time comes, I hope the restaurants, cafes, independent businesses flourish and the world supports each other and we respect nature and have new dreams and aspirations. 

Stay strong, we are all in this together, we are allowed to feel pain, loss and very unsettled but one day everything will be beautiful again and we will regret not taking this time to rest and reconnect with ourselves, our family and friends.

See you on the other side of the rainbow,