Published by Open Love Letters


"A love letter to those who feel their biggest battle in this crisis might be the one with their own brain: 

This is not the first time we have spent day after day between the same four walls. A global pandemic is creating a routing for everyone that you have imposed upon yourself many times before: be alone, panic, stay inside, panic, safe at the ceiling, panic. We all know this is different, but the long, idle days feel eerily similar. 

Usually, it is the mental place of emptiness and desperation that leads to the physical isolation, but the idea that maybe it works both ways, that this mandatory isolation is dragging you to that dark place by association, is terrifying. Those things that we rely on to life our spirits and keep us afloat are no longer on offer: the warm embrace of a familiar friend, the energy of a bustling bar, the hope that lies in planning trips and gigs and dates.

Now, add the gut-wrenching fear that comes with a pandemic threatening to hurt everyone and everything you know, as well as a constant stream of news telling you that the burden of blame will fall at your feet if it does, because you mustn't have abided by the case and ambiguous list of rules laid out to you. It's a lot.

But it is more than okay to feel like that. It is more than okay to feel overwhelmed and scared and useless and lost. You don't have to use government-imposed isolation as an inspirational writing retreat, or the beginning of a fitness journey in the spare room turned gym, or a chance to master the fucking art of sourdough. It is absolutely enough just to survive this. If you managed to brush your teeth today, or get out of bed for a while, then be proud. And if you didn't tomorrow is another. day.

Katie xx"