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"A love letter to public transport...

I miss you. Seems strange but it's true. I got so used to you, took you for granted. Complained at your inadequacies: changing timetables, the cost of tickets even with student discount, winter blues while standing in the cold.

I miss the collective movement: an unstoppable (but actually often stopped!) machine. Packed bodies moving in unison but towards different destinations - to see your old friend, to do your weekly shop, to return home after a long day, to get to your 8 hour shift, to see a lover, to leave teary-eyed having just said goodbye, to arrive after missing someone. 

I miss the night buses that could be relied upon to still run at 4 or 5 in the morning. I'd sit on the front seats on the top level of the double decker, with my feet up on the yellow bar pressed against the window. Best view in the house. I'd listen to shouts from below. Laugh while drawing pictures of the fogged up glass. Someone might have to get off to vomit but we'd just laugh at that too and continue twisting into the dark while lights flashed by. I miss being dizzy and sore after dancing.

I miss that train motion as it slides over tracks. Remembering the feeling of embarrassment as you're caught out, staring at a stranger. I miss listening in on the 'bye, love you, see you in a bit' conversations on phones. I'd slam the window shut when the cold creeps in. I even miss having to stand when there are no seats. I miss the massive bridge you'd speed over, watching the city sprawl over hills, Brighton's multi-coloured houses in perfect, curved rows and the rocky sea in the distance, hovering on the horizon.

All my love, I hope to use you soon,

Hannah xxxx"