Published by Open Love Letters


"A love letter to the Peak District, 

I'm indebted to you, eternally. I realised this early on. You have saved my life more times than I can even count - more times than I will ever let anybody realise. You have been my most trusted confidant - the one who knew I was lying, all the times I said I was "fine".

Even before all this, before the world decided to confirm what I know to be true, I have relied on you so heavily to be my constant reminder of the unquestionable existence of good in the world. You are a reminder that good exists, and that I exist within it, and therefore, maybe, it's not all that bad. Maybe I'm not all that bad? How can we be, if we can exist amongst your greens + blues? Maybe this world isn't all black + grey, abusive + terrifying.

Now, more than ever, you are one of the few certain things left to hold on to. Normality has ceased but you remain. These isolated door to door walks have been intimate haven't they, more intense. We've gotten to know ourselves better. There's a very broken + unfair land beyond your hills + valleys, that I'm anxious to fix, but for now your perfection allows me the opportunity to fix myself within you. 

For your closeness + your distance, I'm inexplicably grateful. A friend once told me that their belief in God can be personified into a feeling of peace, power + a faith in goodness. I am not a religious person. But I believe in you.

x Evie"