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"A Love Letter to Monday

Dear Today,

I miss you already, it's getting darker now and I can feel the blissfulness of today slipping away.

Your name is Monday, there are many others like you but you are not a twin nor a triplet, you are infinite, never ending and with seven different names. You appear every day but you and your sisters are not one in the same. Like any siblings you are all different, different personalities and different outcomes.

No Monday will be or has been quote like you. Today Monday you have been your best self, with the greatest dispositions of them all and you kindly gifted them to me.

You have brought me kindness in the form of obliviousness to the world outside my apartment, for today you have let me forget about the pain going on outside. You have brought me sweetness in the endless cups of coffee and copious amounts of chocolate. Most of all the sun has come with you and all people know there is nothing quite like waiting up to bright blue clear skies, Windows ablaze with yellow hues and though I am unable to feel it, I can sense that incomparable heat with you. The kind that hears you from the outside in, leaving the people below glowing and golden.

You have brought me what I needed, I have spent days wishing others like you away, anticipating like a child to be let out into the outside again, but you Monday, I wish you could stay!

But as with a lot of good things I let you go and watch as you fade untie Tuesday. Thank you for the brief release from this weird internal pain, the feelings of injustice and anxiousness. We will probably see each other again but with different circumstances and new lessons but until that time I will remember you fondly.

With hope, affection and love

M xxx"