Published by Open Love Letters


"A letter to my love,

I've not felt your presence or your touch for so long it feels like a distant memory to me. It's almost been a month since my whole world has been turned upside down and I mourn the loss of that previous life daily.

I have found myself retreating further and further into the void - living by yourself it's easy to do, everything blurs into one.

I miss your kiss, your voice and your touch. I miss the freedom we were given. Because now I know what it is to grieve - whereas before it was more an act of going through the motions. Now I feel it deep down inside my bones, the ache for a life long gone. My grief takes on different forms, shapes and sizes but the constant emotion, it remains.

How I long for the reassuring squeeze on my shoulder, the office gossip and the hustle and bustle of city centre life.

I miss you greatly my love, my life, I long for the days when we can speak to one another again, stand side by side and hold each other's gaze.

Knowing we have months left of this solitary life weighs on me heavy. The distractions of reading, writing, drawing and of course binging Netflix are keeping me sane. I hope that somehow you too are coping?

I realise how much I took life and living for granted and that's what keeps me going. I can't wait to embrace you again, arms wide open and envelope you into me. I will hold you still like that in the train station and I will never take that for granted ever again. 

Till we meet again my love,

Yours always,

N xxx"