Rafaela is a Brazilian visual artist, born in Novo Horizonte, in the state of São Paulo. She graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, in Visual Arts with Design. 
Stop Violence. © Rafaela Micheloni.

She has also worked as an educator, teaching art to children. 

Throughout her childhood and adolescence, Rafaela lived with her grandparents, which aroused great interest in the vintage sphere. Through her paternal grandmother, she had access to family albums, which would later inspire her works and her poetics. 

After the death of her grandmother, she was motivated to find her line of work, through a tribute work for the woman who served as an example throughout Rafaela's life. 

In her work, Rafaela focuses on women. She wishes to keep their differing, singular histories alive, by putting them under a colourful spotlight, impossible to ignore. 

She says that her work also portrays "situations of her own life... emotions, memories and struggles."

She use collage to create scenarios that transform original photographs beyond their original purpose, in order to convey a series of messages. Feminism is clearly celebrated within her works. 

Rafaela says, ''I want my work to evoke the memories of the women of the past and to serve as a source of empowerment, freedom and strength for the women of the present.'' 

Fora Bolsonaro. © Rafaela Micheloni.
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My Body My Choice. © Rafaela Micheloni. 

From Another Space. © Rafaela Micheloni. 
Girls Just Want to Have Fun. © Rafaela Micheloni.
Love is Love. © Rafaela Micheloni.
Rebel. © Rafaela Micheloni.

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All work reprinted with permission of the artist.