Talia is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Liverpool currently exploring the art of collage. Since graduating University last year, Talia says, "It's been hard trying to focus on making work with the pressures of real-life creeping in. As a child and teen, I made collages out of magazines as a way of building an identity. For some reason I stopped, probably to try and focus on something more 'serious' and only returned to it last year at the age of twenty-two."She continues, "I'd forgotten how much fun it is to just pick out the bits I like and make a whole new picture of my own. I became excited to make again without the pressure I'd put on myself before, and so I've chosen seven of my most recent collages to present in Aurelia."Talia focuses on creating visual narratives surrounding stereotypical ideas of romanticism, femininity, intimacy and love. She often searches for images of hands, bodies and hair because of their familiar yet private nature. Talia explains, "I like to juxtapose them with images of natural landscapes, or generally more public spaces to create a narrative about how we all experience an everyday phenomenon - how we all feel lonely or loved, happy or sad. Some of them make me feel like something of a voyeur, looking in on a private moment or gesture, and others are more inviting and make me feel more involved in every day life.""I tend to approach everything I make softly, and I hope that it seeps into the work itself, as well. I've always been influenced by coming-of-age films, music and writing, and I think a lot of my work has the rose-tinted, dreamy yet naive understanding I've always had about love and relationships; even though if I put enough thought into it, I know it's not always like that. As I make more collages out of magazine pages, the subject of re-appropriation of found images has become more and more important and has led me to become more aware of how I'm constructing these pictures.I think from here, I want to try and take my own photographs to rearrange eventually. The importance of playing, however, has been quite important for the rest of my practice."

Talia is part of a joint exhibition at Output Gallery in Liverpool, UK from 3rd-13th October 2019. Everybody is invited to attend.

See Talia's website: talialaing.com / Follow Talia on Instagram: @taliablaing