Elisa is an "Illustratoress and Art Directoress" in Paris, France. She graduated from Epsaa School, where she studied Art & Design.

She has been raised by a fellow artist and feminist mother which has always encouraged her to build and trust her personal instincts and way of expression. That’s why Elisa is interested in broadening and improving the representation of women's figures and our femininity through art. 

Elisa mainly works with graphite pencil, freehand: “an easy, light way to let intensity and complexity come out from characters.”

Colour has a big place too. Elisa loves to pick natural shades for skin, plants, earth or light, also opting for the use of impactful, solid colour which immediately defines a strong mood.

Elisa’s awakening to feminism leaned on art expression. She has always been so impressed by the creative sensibility of women and by the power of the female form. Over time, it became the main focus in her work.

Elisa says, “When I draw I want to convey power and strength through facial expression and body language. I want to emphasise feelings such as self esteem, freedom, courage, empowerment, open mindedness and understanding (of each other and ourselves.) I consciously draw characters as charismatic models... like people we can relate to. I see it as a stimulant.

Knowing what women have to endure around the world, I feel really lucky to have art and have the time to do it. That’s why it’s important for me to put a lot of meaning into my art, even if its delicate. This is what helps me to grow up and become more conscious about the female condition. Through art, I have learned what are my convictions are and learned how to be more kind to myself as a woman.

I have always drawn but it has taken me quite a long time to tame my design and feel confident about my message. Now, I’m really sure about what are my purposes are and I’m happy with what I’m expressing. I only want to keep on improving, progressing further, be more proud and never stop.”

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