Nia is a 23 year old freelance designer specialising in illustration and print design, currently working full time as Creative Artworker for Bravissimo and using her free time for freelance work.

Having graduated in 2016 with a Fashion Promotion and Design degree, Nia has been freelancing her work and collaborating with various artists and designers for the past two years.

Nia's work has been featured by Pink Things Mag, Women of Venus Magazine, TU Clothing and Topshop. She has also collaborated with brands such as Haus of GFP and artist Jodie John. 

Nia's artwork endeavours to explore the intersections of fashion and art through the lens of cultural and social issues. Using her personal experience as an anchor, her work explores body image, the self and being. Nia says:

"To me - fashion is creative; seductive; capricious; true art in its most applied form. Each creative project is fastened to the idea of self-expression as it is only through fashion we can create the person we would like to be and express that through dress.

I take inspiration mostly from my surroundings; nature, architecture, bodies and fashion models. Through every single piece I create, I seek to explore, emphasise and reproduce body image and to articulate the philosophy of educating and empowering women through positivity. I love my creations and what they represent and I will never stop creating and pushing myself further through the expression of art."

You can shop or contact Nia via Instagram or by emailing through her website.

Nia creates made to order designs and digital prints for customers and all of her recent work is available to view on her social pages.