We had floated through the Aegean for hours 
basking like swans in summer. I could feel the heat travelling 
through my skin. Both of us felt like sailors,
we could feel the home tides coming in.

He’d grab my hand every so often, putting it
to his warm chest like reassurance. He was a lover 
and a fighter you could feel it in his fingers,
his skin like a hard-worn child's, all excitement
with no restraint.

We watched the night break in to day. We watched 
each other in the morning, tracking our behaviour
like hunting cats preparing for the kill.

Here we were in white bath towels with beige marble
around us. It always was sun that affected me,
I could not be cruel in the heat. I could not be English in 
hot weather. I remember long walks in parks

near my house. I stalked the night-time like Artemis.
When I was young I would walk for hours 
until I could feel the sadness 
leaving my body. The sun was much like 
that. Like being young and with him

in the summer. He likes my back, 
He connects my moles with his fingers and 
then turns me over, his own dot-to-dot. 
His mouth is like fresh water. A mountain spring. 
He is the source. We roll for hours,

he always wants to crawl. Lingers on my body
another moment and the Paradise is falling within our walls. 
We crumble like our bodies aren't the same. We hold each 
and then we turn away. The sun is our only saviour, it conceals

us like a spell. We heal 
in the Aegean. We float like
his fingers are only loving. We lie for hours 
on white sheets, there are love-stains on 
our mouths, on our fingers,
where we both can’t touch. 

Where we both can’t see, so we want it the most.  
Where we bless each other and this weather. 
Knowing it won’t last when we are home.