Rose is a twenty year old illustrator, currently studying in Brighton.

Her illustrations are a visual record of internal dialogue, mainly consisting of hand lettered typography paired with mixed media collage and detailed line work that creates a ritual-like aesthetic.

Her drawings vary from anything from her daily routine of hanging around in coffee shops and sketching, to her current playlist, or what she's reading.

Rose is especially influenced by philosophical theory, especially existentialism, and enjoys visually exploring how ideas about existence proposed by philosophers such as Jean Paul Sartre can compare to the existential worries of  millennials.
A Space for Thought: one of many illustrations about my favourite coffee shop in Brighton: Twin Pines, an excellent place for reflection.

The Corn Exchange, Leeds: an illustration of myself and my twin sister outside the Corn Exchange in Leeds. My sister Emily is a print designer studying in Leeds, I miss her a lot, and much of my work includes my thoughts on the importance of strong female friendships, and the strange connection twins have.

Think Again: a mixed media collage, depicting the inner workings of my brain.

Drawings That Would Make You Feel Sick: an expression of my love for 60s style patterns.

A Self Portrait: one of many.

The Existential Being: abstract internal reflection.

A Star Caresses The Breast of a Negress
: A drawing about one of my favourite paintings by Joan Miro.

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