Poetry: Artificial Light

by Lyla Massey
White light day-bed glow.
Blue sheets, antibacterial smell.
Sterile skin and your blood,
diseased and yellowing.
My jaw locks too often to utter
A word.

Your skin lacks life. The coughing
in the ward becomes a choir,
a cacophony of sound.
My mother shuts the

Door. Eighteen never loo…

Thoughts on the Sky, the Stars, Italy, and Oban

by Kirsty Crawford
When I was younger, the thought of the northern lights used to frighten me: a warning from above, something supernatural in the night sky. On cold nights, we would wait for them. Our layers kept us warm under the moon as we gazed skyward, there being no light pollution to corrup…

I Froze My Eggs Without Giving It Too Much Thought

by Dominique Zipper
I dedicated a short burst of anxiety to the issue, in a mental sweep that felt as perfunctory as a fridge clean-out, and concluded that my eggs were expiring. I promptly went in search of validation regarding my decision, and I got it. I’ll never really know if this was confirm…

Politics Should Affect Your Friendships

by Evie Muir
This is written for anyone who has friends who annoy you with their “preachy activism”.  You may roll your eyes as they are “at it again”, policing your right to free speech and challenging you on your views which they find problematic. This friend may be active in one or more social …

Rafaela Micheloni: Empowerment, Freedom and Strength

Throughout her childhood and adolescence, Rafaela lived with her grandparents, which aroused great interest in the vintage sphere. Through her paternal grandmother, she had access to family albums, which would later inspire her works and her poetics. 
After the death of her grandmother, she was moti…