Approaching Things Softly: Talia Laing

Talia is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Liverpool currently exploring the art of collage. 
Since graduating University last year, Talia says, "it's been hard trying to focus on making work with the pressures of real-life creeping in. As a child and teen, I made collages out of magaz…

We Should Spend More Time Alone

by Casey Logue
‘I wondered why it was that places are so much lovelier when one is alone.’
It can be hard to be alone. To be alone is to be singular, noticed, vulnerable. We don’t have the protection of a group, or of another person. We don’t have a defence, a second opinion, a wall between us and…

Sasha Grey Taught Me About Kinks and Real Pleasure

by Kya Buller
I spent a long time being virtually obsessed with the very concept of sexual kinks. If you’re not entirely familiar with the term, a ‘kink’ is any kind of sexual fetish, desire or activity outside of our collective understanding of what is ‘socially acceptable’. 
My fascination with …

I Love the Silences of ‘Lady Bird’

by Kaylen Forsyth
A night of transitions spent alone. I was in and out of the tiny toilet at the bottom of the corridor, accompanied by a UTI that seemed to come and go out of nowhere. Journeys back and forth, small transitions as a backdrop to larger ones. A dug out path. Kitchen, toilet, kitchen…

Navigating My Grief, A Pain I Had Thought Impossible

by Ali McClary
As I write this, I listen to the rain outside. I also listen to the house shift like a boat on rough seas. I imagine water dripping down the chimney, seeping through the mortar in the walls. And tonight I feel fine about going down with the ship. There’s a little bit of peace in tha…