I Can't Watch the News, I'm Sad Enough Already

by Steph Hebdon
Sitting on a bus not so long ago, I found myself mindlessly scrolling through social media; a distraction from the banality of the journey, and the impending appointment I was reluctant to attend. It was around the time of the abortion bans in both Georgia and Alabama; and, as a re…

We Need to Talk About Women Explorers

by Kaya Purchase
Women explorers: I am obsessed with them. My obsession originally came from reading books written by Victorian travellers such Nellie Bly; a pioneer of world exploration when blank spaces still existed on the map, waiting to be filled. 
Nellie Bly, journalist, inventor and industr…

Finding My Strength As a Young Muslim Woman

by Shahed Ezaydi
I was raised to know I’m different to men. It has been instilled in me by pretty much every single family member, both here in the UK and back home in Libya. Whilst I understand why my parents have decided to carry on their culture, traditions, and ideologies down – it’s just the …

Learning to Navigate White Friendships as an Act of Self-Preservation

by Halima Jibril
It was Thursday night, and I was indulging in one of my favourite late night activities, binge-watching The Bold Type. This is one of my favourite television shows of all time: not only does it discuss important topics such as the BRCA cancer gene, politics, feminism and lesbian i…

Taking Accountability Is an Essential Act

by Lilly-Mae Murphy
How quick are you to demand an apology from someone who you feel has treated you badly? Do you seek relief in them admitting that they were wrong and accepting responsibility? 
If your answers were along the lines of 'very quick!' and 'yes!' - why don’t you do t…