An Ode to My Mother, The Incredible Single Parent

by Beth Kimber-Bradshaw
There are many reasons people become a single parent. Losing a partner, the breakdown of a relationship, by choice, etc. The internet is a hostile place for single parents. Amongst handfuls of ‘well-intentioned’ articles on coping strategies; media seem to pity, patronise a…

Nobody Really Told Me What My First Term of University Would Be Like

by Imogen Carter de Jong
Written nearly two years ago, Imogen's reflections on university come from a very different time in her life. She is now studying elsewhere, having taken some time out after leaving her previous place of study. When writing this piece, Imogen was trying to make sense of…

Reflecting on A Star Is Born and the Pop Music Portrayal

byRaven Knight

By now I’m sure we’re all in agreement: last year's A Star Is Born was a masterpiece, and there has been no shortage of discourse surrounding the film. Months on, I remain interested by the portrayal of pop music in the film and in the media.

Blasting pop music with the windows dow…

When Music Meets Manifesto

by Molly Sharples
Today’s political and social milieu is worrying to say the least. Yes, we’re making a lot of progress in a lot of ways, yet we live in times marked by inequality in extensive forms. Between topics like Brexit and the ongoing mess of US politics, it is becoming easier for problems…

Defending the Language of the Snowflake Generation

by Georgia Moot
Oohhhh, so you’re half-caste!’ my classmate exclaimed. An awkward muffled laugh escaped my mouth. ‘Uhm haha, I suppose, I’m half black.’ I was on the school bus and had just been asked about my heritage. Funnily enough, fifteen year old me didn't quite know how to reply. Whils…

Goodbye, First Love

by Nali Simukulwa
With the passing of 2018 came the end of a two-year long relationship. So far, I have greeted each morning of this new year with a yawn, a stretch and a lonely gnawing in my chest. This is due, in part, to the fear of change. I know that the year ahead of me brings forth a change…

Poetry: Eulogy

by Lyla Massey
I should like to peel my flesh back Like plaster. Find myself after all these years Mummified. Skin myself into the fashion of another.
Would they find it strange? This soft female decay
Unwrapped like an ancient treasure. Perhaps it would delight. A new play-thing. A strange reinca…