Forgotten Women: Radclyffe Hall

by Kitty Wenham

Forgotten Women is an exclusive series for Aurelia that aims to shine a light on the women who have been consigned to the margins of literary history.

In honour of Banned Books Week, this week’s spotlight is on Radclyffe Hall, 1880-1943. 
In November 1928, Bow Street was ablaze. Ha…

Girls Support Girls: 17th Century Literature Edition

by Lilly-Mae Murphy
If I could establish a nationwide book club of female authorship and readership, I would. But sadly, I can’t, and I don’t think even Meryl Streep could pull that off. Nonetheless, I think we need to do to the next best thing and talk about Aphra Behn, Aemilia Lanyer and their w…

Stop Blaming the Woman

by Nicole García Merida
Mac Miller, born Malcolm James McCormick, was pronounced dead on Friday 7th September, the result of an apparent overdose. In the days that followed, something became clear. A woman was getting the blame for an unexpected, tragic death. Miller, who lived to only 26 years old…

Poetry: Next of Kin

by Lyla Massey
It took ten years for her skin to finally burn again. Look at the translucency, veined leaves, bruised.
Rose hip. Light blue. My grandfather hasn't been in the country for years.
His mind wasn’t matched to hers. He left all his kindness to my brother. She gave me all fire. 

Life after Blackkklansman

by Nali Simukulwa
Recently, I watched the new cinema release, BlacKkKlansman, as directed by the legendary Spike Lee. The movie follows an undercover police investigation into the Ku Klux Klan led by undercover police officer, and black man, Ron Stallworth. The film itself was thoroughly entertain…

The Law of Attraction: Q&A With Liz Dimitria

Interview by Blanca Reyes
Liz Dimitria is a designer and artist based in Spain with a successful online shop, Lil Uglies, that is getting the attention from people in the fashion and music industry. Dimitria is a firm believer in Law of Attraction - the belief that by focusing on positive or negat…

'Bonfire at Dawn'

by Hattie Atkins
Arms laden with cardboard boxes, she leads me outside and across the garden, socked feet on tiptoe in anticipation of the grass’ early-morning damp. Dawn, breaking bright and rain-washed, is kept out of the garden by the surrounding hedgerows and brambles, and one lumbering oak tr…