Depression's Dirty Dishes

by Kya Buller
I never liked cliché’s. I especially never liked “time flies when you’re having fun!”, a phrase that conjures up a gaudy image; a sea of so many grinning faces, having the time of their lives, the days speeding by, not a care in the world. The other side of it is, of course, sad lone…

Marlene Dietrich: A Woman's Trousers

by Steph Hebdon
In 2018, Androgyny is very much ‘in’. The prevalence of clothing that refuses to conform to gender stereotypes is ever-growing, and so is the freedom to wear it. With high street brands including John Lewis and H&M contributing to the growth of unisex trends and wares, it is easy…

Facing the Realities of Cancer

by Isabel Rodger
My life has changed drastically in the space of only four months, and so have the lives of my family. In April, I was living on a different continent, about to complete my third-year exams and applying for internships and placements for the coming summer. My Mum had just started a …

Forgotten Women: Anna Akhmatova

by Kitty Wenham
Forgotten Women is an exclusive series for Aurelia that aims to shine a light on the women who have been consigned to the margins of literary history.

 This week’s spotlight is on Anna Akhmatova, 1889-1966.
They had been separated for three years when Anna Akhmatova’s first husband …

“Did You Just Get Off The Plane?”

by Nicole García Merida
On his third visit to England, my father was pulled over by a police officer for driving over the speed limit. “Did you just get off the plane?” the officer barked. My father just said yes. “Your driving is shit. You should’ve looked into the speed limit. There is a way to d…

'It'll Happen to You'

by Hadeel Alshamari
There is a moment. It happens on some unremarkable day as you are going through the routines of your daily life as you know it. A subtle but growing consciousness enters your thoughts. It is the realisation that I am not the same person I was last year. Not even close. It built…