Poetry: Summer's Love Song

by Lyla Massey
We had floated through the Aegean for hours  basking like swans in summer. I could feel the heat travelling  through my skin. Both of us felt like sailors, we could feel the home tides coming in.
He’d grab my hand every so often, putting it to his warm chest like reassurance. He was …

'Check-In Confederacy'

by Anya Hudson
The bickering has been going on for at least a couple of minutes, the queue growing in size with each back-and-forth exchange.
"So you're really gonna let her on? You’ve gotta be joking."
"No, sir, I'm not joking." Layla, strands of hair pushed behind her …

My Surroundings: Harriet Evans

Harriet is a collage artist studying at Manchester School of Art. She is working towards her future dream of running a creative business; selling her work and perhaps creating a platform for other artists to do the same.

Her current work is collage based, and she is currently working on a collection…