Misogyny? thank u, next!

by Halima Jibril
With the ever-rising wave of female empowered content comes more and more harsh criticism. And strangely enough... the largest and loudest amount of criticism is coming from men. With releases like the Vevo-record-smashing thank u, next by Ariana Grande to Mamma Mia! Here We Go Ag…

The Problem With Blackfishing

by Nicole García Merida
When I was around twelve a boy in my year called me garifuna. Other children laughed, and proceeded to echo his words. The Garifuna are black latinxs from the north of Guatemala, where the slave ports used to be. When I was sixteen, my family went on vacation to Turks and C…

I Change with the Seasons

by Nali Simukulwa
It is again that time of year. The days are chilly but they glow a hazy amber, illuminated by the relinquishing sun. Everything seems mellow and the hectic summer nights spent dancing with friends have drawn to a close. The local park is no longer a bubbling social hub filled wit…

Poetry: Hattie Atkins

by Hattie Atkins

For how long can one exist in the vessel of another? To look inside and then be consumed, safe beneath the palm of devotion, swallowed into the body of his love.
You’d been warned that voices echo inside that place, like speech inside a submarine submerged  fif…

Forgotten Women: Eileen Chang

by Kitty Wenham
Forgotten Women is an exclusive series for Aurelia that aims to shine light on the women who have been consigned to the margins of literary history.
This week’s spotlight is on Eileen Chang, 1920-1995.
Franklin D. Roosevelt called it a “day of infamy”. December 8, 1941 is best known…

An Open Letter to Those With Self-Inflicted Scars

by Steph Hebdon
Content Warning: self-harm. Dear person who might need this, 
I have spent much of my adult life in long sleeves, in thick tights in searing heat, in jeans, even on the beach. A particularly observant outsider would think I had something to hide, and until recently, I thought I did …

I Am An Ex-Muslim. I Fell In Love With a White Man

by Anonymous
I’ve spent a lot of time mulling over what my life would be like had I turned out like my cousins, never questioning what I was taught and going straight from education to an arranged marriage. I’ve never come out as an atheist to my family and I do my best to make sure that they neve…

Making Hairstory: Shaving My Head

by Nali Simukulwa
For many women, their hair is an essential part of their womanhood. We are taught from a young age that our hair is one of the defining factors setting women apart from men; a key denotation of our beauty and, subsequently, our worth. So, equipped with this knowledge (and the app…

Online Validation Saved My Life

by Jodie Brooksbank
Generation Me. The selfie generation. The snowflake generation. Millennials are categorised as self-absorbed, narcissistic and overly sensitive. If you Google the word millennial right now, you’ll be met with a plethora of articles and think-pieces on how millennials are totall…

#IBelieveHer. Do You Believe Me?

by Anonymous
Content Warning: mentions of rape and sexual assault. 
My rapist follows me on Instagram. I see him on my friend’s Snapchat stories, and sometimes at parties when I go back home. Once he even had the audacity to like one of my pictures. I know what some of you must be thinking — I shou…

Forgotten Women: Radclyffe Hall

by Kitty Wenham

Forgotten Women is an exclusive series for Aurelia that aims to shine a light on the women who have been consigned to the margins of literary history.

In honour of Banned Books Week, this week’s spotlight is on Radclyffe Hall, 1880-1943. 
In November 1928, Bow Street was ablaze. Ha…